Working Breed is a scintillating quintet that writes original and eclectic Art Rock full of surprises.  Frontwoman and multi-instrumentalist Erika June Christina Laing leads the audience through a jazzy, bluesy, ska-fused, dance your pants off rock ‘n’ roll soundscape built as Michael Dugan rips searing guitar solos, band master Jonah ‘Gingerale Jones’ Petrelli lays down the groove, and Chloe Wiecz adds depth and dimension through keys and harmonies. All of this sits atop Jeremy Papay, who is hot off the circus circuit and brings theatrical elements and precision drumming. The result is an engaging performance unlike any other as the audience is continuously dazzled by the shifting nature of the music and playful incorporation of instruments often atypical to a rock group, such as trombone, trumpet, musical saw, and more. Since their inception in 2014 they’ve played hundreds of shows as they’ve headlined local festivals and opened for national touring acts such as Jefferson Starship, Wild Child, Jessica Hernandez and the DeltasLow Cut Connie, and Start Making Sense (Talking Head Tribute).  Their adventurous energy is infectious, and their performance an experience!

Stream/Download the new singles My Chimera and Turtle Race HERE!!!

Erika June Christina Laing / Vox, Trombone &Trumpet, Musical Saw
Michael Dugan / Guitar, Vox
Chloe Wiecz / Keys, Vox
Jonah Lee Petrelli / Bass
Jeremy Papay / Drums

Catch us at an Upcoming Show!


Check out the Official Music Video for Working Breed’s “Turtle Race”




SPECIAL NOTE!  — Artwork in background is created by the talented Lennon Michalski of Lexington, Kentucky!  Check out his amazing artwork here!

  • JEFF SCOTT says:

    Heard your group on a rebroadcast (from back in September) of SLB’s(Saturday Light Brigade) archives out of Pittsburgh, PA over their online broadcast… FANTASTIC! Look forward to hearing more of your music in future… the vocals and instrumentation blends and harmonies I could listen to constantly. Please consider traveling up north to play in several venues.
    BTW – my family now lives near Portland, ME moving up from Pittsburgh.

  • David says:

    Saw the South Park show, loved it! When and where are you playing at the Italian Festival?

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