Working Breed is a scintillating quartet that writes original and eclectic Art Rock full of surprises.  Their unique musical compositions are formed with a rock base that is interwoven by elements of jazz, blues, reggae, and many other genre themes.  Lead vocalist Erika J C Laing ranges from torch singer to sopranic, and is surrounded on stage by a bevvy of musical instruments that are tastefully interspersed amongst the solid foundation set by Mike Dugan on guitar, Jonah Petrelli on bass, and Kieran Bittles on drums.  The result is an engaging performance unlike any other in Pittsburgh or elsewhere, as the audience is continuously dazzled by the shifting nature of the music and playful incorporation of instruments often atypical to a rock group, such as trombone, trumpet, musical saw, synthy keys, and more.  Their adventurous energy is infectious, and their performance an experience!

Get their first EP, METHOD:observation HERE!!!

Erika JC Laing / Vox, Trombone &Trumpet, Musical Saw, Keys
Michael Dugan / Guitar, Vox
Jonah Lee Petrelli / Bass
Kieran Bittles / Drums

Catch us at an Upcoming Show!

Check out our video of ‘Cicada’!


SPECIAL NOTE!  — Artwork in background is created by the talented Lennon Michalski of Lexington, Kentucky!  Check out his amazing artwork here!

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