Suzanne DeCree from First Angel Media reviewed our performance and music video release!

““To me, they’re like Steely Dan turned up to 11 and rocking out in a Prohibition-era speakeasy. Working Breed is a level of tight that you don’t normally get outside of a major act doing a stadium tour. It’s almost like the members of Working Breed were born playing their instruments.””

Read the rest of her review HERE!



Melanie Stangl from Sound Scene Express reviewed our recent single and music video release!

“Consider this mask ripped off and shredded. From the initial unsettling warble of Laing’s musical saw to her high keening cry at song’s end, you can feel her pain and grief coursing through every note, every word, every shot. With “Turtle Race,” Working Breed demonstrates the boldness and boundary-pushing of younger artists alongside the pain and maturity and self-awareness of more experienced ones. The results, especially when paired with the adept film crew they recruited, are magic.”

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Allison Kacmar Richards from Of Music and Mind went in depth with us to learn about the meaning behind the song and video, “Turtle Race”

“It’s so interesting to learn about the process of creation – from sad guitar lick and tumbling lyrics to trial by live performance to expression through visual narrative. This song and video illustrate the healing power of music.”

Read the rest of her review HERE!




Melanie Stangl from Sound Scene Express flattered us with a glowing and detailed review of our set at The Frick Art & Historical Center‘s Summer Concert Series in June 2016.

“To put it simply, no one else is doing what Working Breed is doing.  Describing their genre as “art rock,” the band transitions between instruments, tempos, and styles (often within the same song) with creativity, cohesion, and apparent ease. They embrace classic jazz, powerful rock, and groovy funk, and wrap it all up in pop packaging that, due to each member’s skill at their respective instruments, never feels cliché.”

Read the rest of her review HERE!




Randy Jarosz from Sound Scene Express was kind enough to ask us for an interview after our performance at Kaya Fest!

Check out the interview and some SWEET pics he took HERE!



FLY Magazine, the biggest and best resource for Central PA’s nightlife, named Working Breed a TOP PICK during our March Whirlwind Weekend Tour!  They had these nice things to say — and read it for yourself HERE!

“The Pittsburgh-based five-piece experimental, genre-bending band travels east and embarks on their Great White Lightning Tour of PA – which is a grueling two-show affair in Philly and Lancaster – in support of their 3-track EP METHOD:observation. The super quick run means you only have one chance to check them out in Central PA and that’s tonight at the Lancaster Dispensing Company. If you miss out you’ll have to travel across the state for the band’s performance at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh on April 11 (which sounds awesome and you probably should go to anyway).”



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